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This fund for the Black Trans community is to support access to emergency housing, food assistance, clothing, cost of transportation, and medication co-pay for medically necessary HRT. We know care and needs are urgent so this fund will operate from application analysis to approval, to funds release within 7 days. 


To qualify for this fund you must:

  • Identify as both Black and transgender or non-binary,

  • Need to reside in San Diego county,

  • Must provide receipts or verification of expenses for our internal purposes

  • Must be for an emergency expense as indicated.


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There is a three month wait for re-application.

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Hotel Expenses

Hotel vouchers are $50/day for no more than five days

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Food Expenses

Food expenses are $100 max per recipient

Are you apart of the Black LGBTQ Community in San Diego?
Do you live or reside in San Diego County?
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Thanks for submitting! The Coalition will review your application and get back to you as soon as possible! Thank you again for entrusting us with serving you.

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