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California HIV/AIDS Research Program (CHRP): Ending the Epidemic Through Equity & Innovation

The San Diego Black LGBTQ Coalition was pleased to attend CHRP at the UCLA Luskin Conference in May 2023, celebrating their 40 year anniversary. The California HIV/AIDS Research Program is a publicly funded grantmaking program, administered through the Division of Research and Innovation at the University of California, Office of the President. Over their time, they have invested over $300 million dollars through over 2,000 research grants to support the development, implementation, evaluation and dissemination of innovative HIV projects.

This year, Coalition President, Pamuela Halliwell, was proud to attend their in-person conference, the first since the pandemic, to represent and support a new program, TransCending HIV Syndemic Collaborative, in partnership with Projecto Trans Latina, UCSD, The Center's Project TRANS, Transgender Health & Wellness Center, and the San Diego Black LGBTQ Coalition. This project is an implementation study evaluating the development of a new community-based program that centers the voices and unique needs of Black and Latina transgender women in San Diego's local HIV response. Continue to follow the Coalition as we provide updates and community engagement opportunities on this new program.

Coalition President, Pamuela Halliwell was also pleased to present her research poster, Documented Acts of Fatal Violence Against Black Transgender Women in the United States (2013-2021). This research was in partnership with UCSD, Laramie Smith Ph.D., Lauren Lahn, Becca Fowler, MPH, Jill Blumenthal, MD and led by the San Diego Black LGBTQ Coalition's taskforce. The Coalition's research was also recognized with a poster award for "Innovation in Research", presenting research that is the first of it's kind. Stay tuned for the full peer reviewed published report of this study with recommendations to support Black trans women across the U.S.

Please stay tuned for more information on our HIV programming efforts to reduce the new cases of HIV in our Black community, while helping community members receive and stay into care. Please also pass along this new study, Link Positively, for Black Cis/trans women living with HIV, to support Black women maintaining their health and building health equity.

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Angelle M. Maua
Angelle M. Maua
Jun 02, 2023


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