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8 Days of Christmas Holiday Giveaway

Celebrate the holidays at ho-ho-home by participating in our giveaway!

We have so much gratitude for the folx have supported us this past year. We want to give back to the community in TWO ways:

1) NOMINATIONS: We're calling on Y'ALL to nominate SD-based Black LGBTQ2S+ folx who inspire you. Fill out the "Nominations" form and we'll randomly select 10 nominees to give $100 gift cards too! We'll be announcing the 10 nominated leaders over eight days starting next week. You can fill out the form here:

2) SUPPORT: If you are an SD-based Black LGBTQ2S+ person who needs support for the holidays, we want to send you a $100 gift card too. Access and fill out the "Support" form and we'll randomly reach out to 10 folx to send the gift cards too. Your information will be kept confidential, we'll reach out through your preferred contact method! You can fill out the form here:

We're looking forward to celebrating some community leaders and supporting those are looking for some additional support during the holidays. Feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions.

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