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The San Diego Black LGBTQ Coalition is celebrating JUNETEENTH and the ANNIVERSARY OF THE STONEWALL RIOTS by hosting an arts showcase!

We’re celebrating Queer Black Creativity in its full beauty and diversity- whatever form your art may take- if you’re a member of our community and would like to share your art with us- please do!

Artists of all levels and mediums are invited to join us! Artists may exhibit work, perform, mingle and have art for sale. There will be gallery space and an open mic. We are also looking for someone to hold a workshop during the showcase.

With so much to reflect upon, we want to offer a space to reconnect as a Black LGBTQ+ community.

We honor our history and our ancestors between these two holidays of self-liberation!

If interested please email:

To stay updated with information on attending the event, please RSVP!

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