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Community Spotlight: Patchwork Theater Company

The Coalition interviewed Kian Kline-Chilton of Patchwork Theater in a fun, friendly Zoom call. Here are some excerpts from that interview!


DF: What did you feel was missing about the SD Scene that made you feel like there was a niche you had to fill?

KC: There is too much comfortability in the way that thinks look in terms of presentation and people. I think that if we’re trying toe brace the new generation, that means they have to begin to opens the door for new companies.

Patchwork is constantly looking at people who are not being represented in the arts and asking how they can make space to be uplifted and celebrated.

DF: What challenges and opportunities do you see for Patchwork at the moment?

KC: COVID is a small challenge. Patchwork started as a reaction to covid. They need to figure out where the people who want to see this new work are? We’re trying to come up with new ways to advertise and outreach to people.

DF: Where would you like to see Patchwork in the next year?

KC: Bringing in a new community of young, diverse, inclusive, audiences. You don’t have to be an old white person to enjoy this. You can look however you want you can be however you are you’re gonna walking into this space and see a story that’ll make you feel loved and feel passion and feel SEEN.

DF: What was the main reason to find funding?

KC: I think about all the place es where i was able tot thrive of where I was able to find my self and it was so important. If you serve your community honestly and truthfully, you remember to give love and give ownership back to those places that carried you and uplifted you.

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