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Congratulations to Our 2022 Damon J. Shearer Scholarship Awardees

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

The San Diego Black LGBTQ Coalition is honored to award and congratulate this year's winners of the 2022 Damon J. Shearer Scholarship for their achievements, community involvement and being our ancestor's wildest dreams. Each awardee is given $5,000 to contribute toward their education costs. These folx are the future of our community and we couldn't be more excited to watch them lead. Don't sleep on San Diego nor these wonderful leaders.

Taylor Vassar (She/Her/Hers)

Lucas Hans (He/Him/His)

Jimmy Lovett (She/Her/Hers)


The Coalition is honored to award and congratulate these inspiring scholarship awardees. The Damon J. Shearer Scholarship is named after our previous President, Damon, who is an educator and believes that education is a vital pathway to success and wellbeing. This scholarship was made possible by the support of the Community Enhancement Grant in District 1 (Nora Vargas) and District 4 (Nathan Fletcher) and their respective board of directors, whose grant enabled us to fund the scholarship in full. We are so appreciative of your support to the Black LGBTQ+ Community and to the education of Black LGBTQ+ students in San Diego!

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