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Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast: Community Service Award & San Diego Black LGBTQ Coalition Day

The San Diego Black LGBTQ Coalition is humbled by the proclamation presented by Council President Jennifer Campbell, Council President Pro Tem Stephen Whitburn, and Council member Monica Montgomery Steppe in announcing and proclaiming March 3, 2021 as San Diego Black LGBTQ Coalition Day. We are thankful and extremely appreciative of this recognition, being San Diego's only Black LGBTQ volunteer led 501(c)3 nonprofit serving Black LGBTQ San Diego. We hope that we continue to receive your support for future programming and build a positive relationship to help enact change to help serve our Black LGBTQ community's needs.

The San Diego Black LGBTQ Coalition is also overjoyed to be invited to the Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast this year and to receive the 2021 Community Service Award. We would like to thank the San Diego LGBTQ Community Center for providing this opportunity and acknowledging the work that we have been doing, especially as we transitioned from them being our fiscal sponsor to us fully embracing our 501(c)3 status this year. Thank you for the support and the continued relationship building and we are very excited to have been part of the Center creating for the first time, Black Services. We hope that this continues to open doors to serve the Black LGBTQ community.

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