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Intersectional Lens: Part 1 - The Black, Queer & Trans Experience

Intersectional Lens is a series produced by the San Diego Black LGBTQ Coalition that explores living in both identities as Black and LGBTQ in San Diego. Docuseries episode 1 explores topics such as Black San Diego in the past to present, coming out, dating, hook-up culture, relationships, finding community and in later episodes will discuss organizations, local government, policies and the police.

Please check out our Intersectional Lens: Part 1 - The Black Queer & Trans Experience, Friday November 11 at 6pm at the Diversionary Theatre with a panel discussion shortly after followed by a cabaret experience with food, beverage and music from DJ Moody.


This project could not have been possible without the courageous and amazing Black LGBTQ+ leaders who volunteered to partake in this project and share their story. We thank them tremendously and want everyone to honor their stories as we continue to combat anti-Blackness, homophobia and transphobia both in the U.S and within San Diego.


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