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Join the Coalition with these committees!

Hey Fam! We're looking for some community members to join these committees for the San Diego Black LGBTQ Coalition. As we begin our process of filing for a 501(c)(3), these committees will help us become more robust in our programming, outreach, and impact. See below for more information:

Newsletter Committee: The Coalition has a monthly newsletter that we use to highlight Black-owned businesses, groups, events, and announcements that impact the Black LGBTQ community. This is our way of updating the community on updates within the coalition, for example where we release events we are hosting or co-hosting, articles talking about the organization, and outside organizations that the community may be interested in attending or learning more about. This newsletter also seeks to highlight a community spotlight, someone who is Black and LGBTQ who has been doing inspiring things in the community.

Volunteer work within this community could look like finding Black owned businesses to highlight, interviewing one per month, locating a community member that has been doing wonderful work including advocacy, social justice, and leadership.

Holiday Events Committee: The Coalition typically hosts an annual conference discussing racism, anti-racist, providing leadership, a place for Black LGBTQ folx to have community and social events. This year the conference may look differently due to covid-19 but the coalition is considering partnering up with another organization, UCSD Design Lab, in one of their events to provide the same space and same mission. This coalition will discuss this further and explore if a conference should take place and what that could look like.

Also included in this committee is volunteer work with creating our Holiday Virtual Talent Show, our second one of the year, as well as our socially distant Toy Drive. This committee meets about every 2 weeks as the events are quickly approaching in November/December 2020.

Social Media Committee: The Coalition works to keep social media updated with the most recent and latest information pertaining to the Black LGBTQ community. This committee seeks to support our Communications Chair in posting media, events, creating graphics on virtual fliers, and managing our Facebook and IG pages. Volunteer work will also consist of responding to various messages from different organizations that will send events.

We'll update this page with positions soon. If you're interested in participating in any of these committees, please feel reach out to us at

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