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Meet Me at the Back Workshop

In Preparation for the Meet Me at the Back Mini Ball Vol. 2 on 9/23/2022, check out this free workshop on sharpening and honing your skill

It’s time to STRUT, PIVOT & VOGUE!

Have you ever wanted to participate in a ball and didn’t know how? Ever wanted to take a Vogue and or Runway class? Well this is your chance. We are coming to you… elite members of the Westcoast ballroom scene are offering a one day crash course to help members of community with tools they need to shine like a diamond on the ballroom floor. We have runway being taught by Swift Balmain and Legendary Mother Teyana St. Laurent, with Vogue 101 being taught by the Legendary Enycę La Vogue GG. RSVP below for the workshop for Sunday, August 14th from 12pm-3pm, brought to you by Legendary Mother Teyana St. Laurent in association with the San Diego Black LGBTQ Coalition.

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