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Response to SD Pride's Statement - 6/11/2020

The San Diego Black LGBTQ Coalition supports the efforts of San Diego Pride's action steps as listed in their proposal (linked below). We believe these action steps work towards creating space where our constituents do not feel threatened by the looming presence of police at a place where we should feel free to be our Blackest, queerest selves.

We understand that the Black LGBTQ Community is not monolithic and we do not represent every single Black LGBTQ-identifying individual. If you have thoughts on this statement, we encourage you to messages us so that we can hear you, hold you, and co-create further action steps to ensure your safety.

To this end, we want to let you know that we are committed to holding San Diego Pride accountable to create safe spaces for us to #ExistBlackly at Pride events and in the community.

Let us be clear - Our support for this statement isn't support for police presence period. It is support for suppressing police presence at events where many of us have experienced harm. As an organization committed to stronger - and safer - Black LGBTQ Community for ALL of us, we welcome your thoughts on how to take this further.

Please read over this document fully, and if you feel so inclined, sign the form and add your support to the movement!

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