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Spirit of Stonewall: Stonewall Service Award

On behalf of the San Diego Black LGBTQ Coalition, we would like to thank San Diego Pride for awarding us the Spirit of Stonewall: 2021 Stonewall Service Award. We would like to thank the organizations that have supported us to provide us opportunity to uplift, empower, engage, and help our Black LGBTQ community. This work is tiresome and is never-ending as there is so much to be done and we sincerely appreciate the support as we continue to enact programming and provide opportunities to help strengthen our Black LGBTQ community to build "a strong, sustained and connected Black LGBTQ community in San Diego". We appreciate both the opportunity to help community members, sharing resources to connect, and help support other organizations focused on combating anti-Black racism, transphobia, and equality.

Thank you,

San Diego Black LGBTQ Coalition

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