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Starbucks Foundation Stories...

Meet Jeremy, former Starbucks partner (employee) who is now the president of a nonprofit organization called the San Diego Black LGBTQ Coalition. He’s currently dedicating his time to help build a diverse haven for Black LGBTQ people.

“I got involved with The San Diego Black LGBTQ Coalition after seeing a booth at my first San Diego Pride in 2018. It was a group that allowed me to express and connect with others through the intersection of being Black and on the LGBTQ spectrum, all while working to create change for Black and LGTBQ folx in San Diego."

The San Diego Black LGBTQ Coalition became a community where he felt welcomed, inspiring him to be a bigger advocate for others looking for Black queer representation.

“I want to create huge change that showcases the importance of representation. There aren’t enough Black gay bars that play the music we want to listen to. There aren’t many activist groups. There aren’t many aid funds. There aren’t many places at all for Black queer people to just be and that can be alienating.”

Jeremy has devoted himself to the organization -- and knows the hard work is worth it because of the difference it can make.

“We’re now federally recognized as a nonprofit organization. Our goal is to serve our community and provide them with what they need, whether it’s giving them access to funds, access to other groups they might be interested in or just to socialize. (We) will be here to make sure that any Black queer individual who comes to us can get exactly what they’re looking for. We want to heighten their experience here in San Diego.”

Last October, the San Diego Black LGBTQ Coalition was chosen to receive a Neighborhood Grant from The Starbucks Foundation, after being nominated by more than 20 local partners for their work to advance racial equity. With the grant, The Coalition has created a Black Trans Emergency Fund to help support Black Trans people who live in San Diego.

With the green apron now coming full circle, Jeremy continues to make us proud. Near or far, he’ll always be our partner!

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