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Statement Regarding Defaced Mural of Ahmaud Arbery

The San Diego Black LGBTQ Coalition was appalled to learn that a mural dedicated to honor Ahmaud Arbery was defaced and vandalized. As President of the Coalition, I physically saw this mural and was disgusted by the malice behind it. It is without question that we believe this was a heinous act representing hate, prejudice and the anti-Black racism that equates to the same prejudice and racism that caused Ahmaud Arbery to not be with us today. It is not by coincidence that this mural was defaced after three White men were convicted of his murder. This act of vandalism and hate is not okay and must be acknowledged as completely unacceptable. Ahmaud Arbery doesn’t have the chance to use his voice, but we do and will continue to speak up for the rights of Black and Black LGBTQ people. We must stand together against acts of hate and racism every time we see it and make it clear and known that it will not be tolerated and there will not be a place in this world for hate. When one of us as minorities are targeted, it is not long that we all will be. Stand strong, together in solidarity, there is no room for hate. Justice for Ahmaud Arbery. Please help us restore the mural in honor and respect to Ahmaud Arbery by donating via Venmo to the artist Jonny Pucci @jonnypucci.

Pamuela Halliwell

President, San Diego Black LGBTQ Coalition

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